06 March 2013

Newest !!! Sulu gunmen considered terrorists, says Deputy IGP ...

The Sulu gunmen are considered terrorists and that is why the police are put in charge of the operations in Lahad Datu and other parts of Sabah.

Deputy Inspector-General of Po­­lice Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the invasion was considered an internal matter and thus the police were put in charge.

"The Sulu gunmen does not belong to any government, thus their actions are not considered as an invasion by a foreign country," he said.

Khalid said the actions of the gunmen were hostile acts of armed terrorists.

However, he said the police were working together with the Armed Forces to ensure the safety of all Malaysians.

In KOTA BARU, Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Maj Gen Datuk Abdul Aziz Ibrahim said Malaysia was bound by the Geneva Convention regarding the intrusion by the Sulu gunmen.

He said Malaysia was bound by the convention which stated that action taken on the invasion must be in accordance with the law and not done at will.

"We cannot act without knowing the actual reason for their presence and our action must be according to the set protocol," he said after launching the Foundation Course for Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia certification for retiring soldiers here yesterday.

Certain groups had question why the Government had not deployed the army earlier.

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