17 December 2012

DAP National Convention: Malays Down, Indians To Go...

DAP has been around since 1966 and has never changed one bit. It has always been a party of the Chinese, fighting for only the Chinese's interest regardless of the fact that this is a multiracial country and that others have rights too. Therefore, DAP is known to be a racist party and since its establishment, it has never succeeded in proving otherwise. The few Malays and Indians holding some insignificant posts in the party couldn't help tone down the colours of racism in DAP.

Being a racist is bad enough, but being a racist and a kiasu is what makes DAP a true evil. As a kiasu, DAP only takes and never give back because the word, 'tolerance' doesn't exist in their vocabulary.

It is even clearer now, when DAP joins hand with PAS and PKR than before, that the party has always put themselves above everybody else, above other races. PAS and PKR have no choice but to 'kow-tow' to DAP even in matters so close to the heart of the supporters, like those concerning religion.

The slogan 'total equality' that DAP boasts of, is a subjective thing as it only serves justice in their eyes if it would result in the Chinese remains as superior.

When DAP took over Penang, their intention is to turn the state into a 'mini-Singapore' where the Chinese dominates and the rest obliged. Penang is the best example of DAP's ruling where the Chinese are given privilege and special treatment compared to the rest. When a Chinese kampung is affected in a development project, the villagers were access to lawyer's advice and chances to fight and be compensated accordingly. But Kampung Buah Pala, an Indian kampung, didn't get the same treatment even though a specific promise was made and recorded that the kampung would be saved in no time by the PR-DAP government. What happened was, the kampung was demolished in no time at all. And it goes the same with the Indians and Malay stalls where they were demolished for obstructing traffic but the Chinese stalls that caused a far worse traffic obstruction, remain untouched.